Who doesn’t want some “free” time every now and then? Here are five creative things to do in that one hour of “extra” time that you get this weekend:

1. Make a Mini Vision Board.

Who are you and what drives your dreams? Grab some glue, a piece of cardboard (from a shipping box, cereal box, or whatever), scissors, thick marker, and a few magazines and catalogs. Spend 20 minutes chopping out images that inspire you from magazines. Spend the next 20 minutes gluing them down onto the cardboard in any way you see fit. Then spend the final 20 minutes writing little notes of inspiration or affirmations next to the images. Admire who you are and what makes you amazing!

2. Take a Photo Hike. 

Grab a camera, get out of your house, and just start walking outside. Don’t let the weather stop you, either – that could create an even better experience. Take photos of details that are a part of your everyday surroundings that you may never have really stopped to look at. Try making them into black and white images to really highlight the shapes and textures. Don’t forget to share them with friends via email, online, or print them out and put some on the fridge.

3. Bake Some [quick] Bread.

Choose some bananas, pears, zucchini, or apples and make some quick bread (no yeast needed). Click on the fruit above for an easy recipe or go to allrecipes.com to find your own. Before the hour’s up, you’ll be able to enjoy some fresh baked fruit bread and a cup of tea or coffee to bring in the new season! Don’t forget to share the love with your house-mate(s).

4. Open a Coffee-Table Book.

You know all those art, food, architecture, or photography books that you bought because they were beautiful or you wanted a souvenir from the museum exhibition? Are they now just collecting dust on your coffee table? Open one up and just cuddle up on the couch to browse the big, beautiful pictures and immerse yourself in another world for a while.

5. Call an Old Friend.

Who really has time for phone calls these days with text messaging, Facebook, and emails? Knowing that you have an hour (rather than being rushed) pick up the phone and call an old friend to catch up. I’m sure it will make their day as well as yours – and if they don’t answer, there’s always the chance to leave a personal message wishing them well.

All images above from Flickr Creative Commons.

October 31, 2011

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