1. Recycle. You can recycle paper, envelopes, junk mail, aluminum cans, cardboard, and even your old cell phone or PDA.
  2. Lights. Use CFL light bulbs (compact fluorescents) in every light. If you have a window, turn off the lights and let the natural light in!
  3. Office Equipment. Turn machines off when you leave at the end of the day or use the sleep mode. When buying new equipment, look for the Energy Star.
  4. Printing. Print two-sided, decrease the margins – especially in Word docs – or print in a smaller font to use less paper.
  5. Paper. Use recycled paper in printers, copiers, and fax machines. You can also purchase recycled tablets and Post-Its.
  6. Office Supplies. There are recycled products for almost every area of the office. Visitwww.greenlinepaper.com for a great selection.
  7. Food and Drink. Use a mug, your own dishes, silverware, and a cloth napkin instead of paper. You can also use Fair Trade and organic coffee and tea.
  8. Cleaning Supplies. Use non-toxic cleaning products and live plants, if permitted, to absorb indoor air pollution. I make my own cleaning products now! Just google Women for the Environment to learn more.
  9. Green Leader. Designate someone in the office as the green leader. They can help to monitor energy usage and office waste, purchase green products, and place recycling bins throughout the office.

Adapted from SierraClub.org, Earth911.com, and LowImpactLiving.com

February 3, 2013