6 Fabulous Websites to Boost Creative Thinking

Don’t let a blank canvas or empty word doc intimidate you! Take a look at these ten fabulous websites to boost your creative thinking. They can be helpful to just about anyone, from artists and writers to entrepreneurs and CEOs. Enjoy!

1.  TED Talks 
 If you’ve never watched a TED video, you are truly missing out. The search feature on the website is worth trying along. Videos range from under 10 minutes to over an hour. Topics are simply inspiring and focused on their mission of “ideas worth apreading.”
Most people are familiar with Pinterest’s DIY and crafty benefits, but did you know there are bulletin boards for business ideas, articles with specific topics and so much more? Worth trying for more than just visuals – try Pinterest out for business-related subjects as well.
The ideal brainstorming, flow-charting, stream of consciousness thinking tool. Enough said.
 Have some fun with these random games to stimulate creativity. Free, fast, and fabulous.
The well-known magazine has a “wiki” section dedicated purely to “how-to’s” from how to be green to how to be athletic to how to stay secure.
Basically a “favorites playlist” of websites. Delicious allows you to create your own collection of favorite websites and categorize/search by applying keywords, or browse someone else’s collection of their favorite websites.

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5 Creative Things to Do with the Extra "Fall Back" Hour Next Weekend!

Who doesn’t want some “free” time every now and then? Here are five creative things to do in that one hour of “extra” time that you get this weekend:

1. Make a Mini Vision Board.

Who are you and what drives your dreams? Grab some glue, a piece of cardboard (from a shipping box, cereal box, or whatever), scissors, thick marker, and a few magazines and catalogs. Spend 20 minutes chopping out images that inspire you from magazines. Spend the next 20 minutes gluing them down onto the cardboard in any way you see fit. Then spend the final 20 minutes writing little notes of inspiration or affirmations next to the images. Admire who you are and what makes you amazing!

2. Take a Photo Hike. 

Grab a camera, get out of your house, and just start walking outside. Don’t let the weather stop you, either – that could create an even better experience. Take photos of details that are a part of your everyday surroundings that you may never have really stopped to look at. Try making them into black and white images to really highlight the shapes and textures. Don’t forget to share them with friends via email, online, or print them out and put some on the fridge.

3. Bake Some [quick] Bread.

Choose some bananas, pears, zucchini, or apples and make some quick bread (no yeast needed). Click on the fruit above for an easy recipe or go to to find your own. Before the hour’s up, you’ll be able to enjoy some fresh baked fruit bread and a cup of tea or coffee to bring in the new season! Don’t forget to share the love with your house-mate(s).

4. Open a Coffee-Table Book.

You know all those art, food, architecture, or photography books that you bought because they were beautiful or you wanted a souvenir from the museum exhibition? Are they now just collecting dust on your coffee table? Open one up and just cuddle up on the couch to browse the big, beautiful pictures and immerse yourself in another world for a while.

5. Call an Old Friend.

Who really has time for phone calls these days with text messaging, Facebook, and emails? Knowing that you have an hour (rather than being rushed) pick up the phone and call an old friend to catch up. I’m sure it will make their day as well as yours – and if they don’t answer, there’s always the chance to leave a personal message wishing them well.

All images above from Flickr Creative Commons.


10% to Charity: Sarah’s Photos

Explore photos, quotes, and shop with a cause, too! My new photography website which it focused on the EARTH, PEOPLE, and ANIMALS is up and running in coordination with SmugMug to allow for online purchasing of photography.

I have been working on this for a while and am really thrilled to finally announce it publicly!

My goal with this was to not only share my favorite photos, but to really highlight the meaning behind why I love the outdoors and documentary photography so much. I’ve selected different quotes that flow with the ideals behind my photography and things I respent in general and scattered them throughout the site.

You can also purchase photographs from the SHOP link that connects you to SmugMug store and I’ll donate 10% of the proceeds to one of three charities focused on the EARTH, PEOPLE, and ANIMALS.

Custom designs are also available if you’d like to have notecards or a poster paired with one of the quotes OR your own text!

Just email me or to learn more, visit to see the type of work that I do!


DIY: Make Your Own Recycled Wrapping Paper

Make Wrapping Paper from Re-using Old Maps, Posters, and More!

I have been saving maps, design posters, beautiful images from paper company samples, and the good old comics page of the paper. Not to mention, that I save wrapping paper and bows/ribbons from previous events to RE-USE.

This is so easy to do and it not only RE-purposes things that might otherwise be just thrown away or at least recycled in the paper bin – BUT it also is budget-friendly. The gifts always stand out under the tree and people are anxious to see what they are wrapped up in!