Why not give a gift or make a personal purchase that makes the world a better place? Each of these sites I’ve purchased from and have either a heartfelt personal connection to or just plain love their stuff and the cause they support. Please take a few moments to check them out!
1. Kiva

Loans that Change Lives. This non-profit was co-founded by an amazing woman [Jessica Jackley] who attended my high school and was one year ahead of me. I heard her speak at a women’s brunch for a local church about her involvement and idea for Kiva and was moved to tears and just had to get involved. I’ve been lending with Kiva since May of 2009 and have helped to fund over 25 loans… it is just the best way to give… lend a micro-loan to help an entrepreneur start a business to help them get out of poverty. They repay it back and you re-lend. It is truly a donation that keeps on giving. Email me if you want to know more.

2. FEED Projects

Just love this! Co-founded by Lauren Bush after she was inspired to create a product to raise awareness about hunger and help feed children. The first bags were based off of the actual food ration bags distributed on a trip she took to Africa helping the World Food Programme. Help feed the children of the world… every item you buy helps to eliminate hunger. Fair trade, artisan-made, eco-friendly, and more… Super durable bags… I have the original FEED bag and it is fantastic. Check out all of their products – including baby stuff!

3. World Vision International

Having sponsored three children from World Vision for almost 10 years, volunteered, and given alternative gifts from their gift catalog, I can whole-heartedly endorse this organization. We also went to Nicaragua to VISIT our sponsored children real and in person… YES. IT IS REAL. The children really are there. They need our help. World Vision is making a difference. I can’t say enough about it. Email me if you want to know more.

4. The Spiral Foundation

5. Heifer International

6. Building New Hope Coffee

Helping this Pittsburgh- and Nicaragua-based organization through pro-bono design services has not only helped me understand their mission and get to know the founder, but also taste their GREAT coffee… Order online. They’ll ship it to you!
7. Ugandan Gold Coffee
Another Pittsburgh-based fair trade coffee organization that partners with a Ugandan community… again – great coffee and great cause. Order online!
Buy a pair of shoes or glasses and a pair of (NEW) shoes will be donated to a child or adult who really needs them. It’s that simple. It’s worth it – plus they are great, comfy, stylish shoes!
9. Ten Thousand Villages

10. B TOYS

Every toy you buy gives 10 cents to FREE THE CHILDREN… the money adds up and goes towards building schools, providing education and more! Better yet, these fun, educational children’s toy are also available at Target!

July 25, 2012

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