The way the branches must cross over and under each other in order to move toward the sky makes up my favorite pattern. They have to almost weave in and out of one another to get their own little part in the sunlight. Even though there wasn’t much sunlight today, the branches still arc to the sky waiting for the clouds to part. These branches crest the closest parts to the sky and when I followed them down with my eyes they start the connection between everything outside. I started to feel that everything really was touching and sharing energy with each other.

(The video format allows everything to flow together and the collage below allows the patterns to be compared in their essence – in black and white.)

Every repetitive shape that I observed created very different patterns, even though most of them started out just as lines or dots or individual shapes. As I followed the branches down, they turned into the trunk of the tree which had bark patterns, that led to the roots which had thick snaking patterns.

The snaking roots went into the ground which turned up patterns from all the rainwater and led to rocks which had rougher patterns of asymmetrical shapes. Around the rocks were more plants and bushes – each with branches of different shapes and sizes then, again, reaching up towards the sky for light. Inside of the each of the patterns around me, I knew there were living organisms moving around that I could not see.

Animals like squirrels, snakes, bugs, mice, rabbits, and lots of birds. Because it was very gray out and it had been raining, it truly seemed all the animals were in thier homes trying to stay warm and out of the weather. These animals that I could not see were alive and well, I’m pretty sure they were breathing the same air that I was breathing, feeling the colder temperature and wind and waiting for the sun.

There was truly not much sound besides my breath and the subtle breeze. The air felt as if it was just about to rain or the sun was just about to poke through the clouds – it was like I was in limbo – in between weather conditions. What I really started to feel was that the connections I observed between the patterns flowing into one another are part of the whole system of nature as a whole – each shape and design had a reason to be there. Nothing was created without purpose in nature – just as in design, everything needs a function. Learning these purposes is now the task at hand.

April 7, 2011

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