I just had to get my loves, my soul, my self “onto paper” before I had my little baby. So, a week before my due date, I started chopping, shredding, ripping images and words out of magazines and catalogs and pasting them to this box. So, here is my “Vision Box” to remind me not to lose my “self” even though I have a new, second separate, yet parallel identity as a mother.

Keep in mind, I did this on a Sunday during football season (Ahem. Pittsburgh Steeler Nation is my home.) and it took me the entire game. I really didn’t care that I missed the game because I had to get this out of my system. [plus… shhhh… I’m really not a big football fan! yes, I said it… please Yinzer Steeler Fanatics don’t stalk me and beat me!]

Scroll down to see our little baby that I delivered just a few days later!

 The Lid.
Help one another. blessing. Make a Difference. Language. Spiritual. Do everything.
Purpose. Nature. Living. Travel. Water. Give. New. Exploration. Unique. Care.
Honor. Messiah. World Traveler. Hallelujah. Christ.
 “I don’t want what everyone else has… 
Roam farther… and See more.”
(My love, my soul, my heart… 
Wyoming: where I discovered myself and the love of my life.)
Dare to Explore. Seek Nature’s Truth and Fear Not. Friends. Adventure. Trail Less Traveled.
The KEY.
(Music surrounds the box lid. Voice. Singing. A big part of me.)
 (My foundation and where I’m residing currently) 
In the East, comes a baby, God’s Word infused in my life. Comfort. Tradition. Family.
(bottom of the lid)
Power of Nature.
A thousand. A million.
(bottom of the box)
Our Gift Arrives!
Vivienne, our amazing little girl.

July 25, 2012

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