I have never worked with a designer, how do I get started on a project?

I will work with you throughout the entire design process. Because I have marketing background in addition to design, my approach to a project starts to with getting a clear picture of the project’s goals. We will determine the type of audience you’re targeting with your website or print piece, the main goal of the project, what specifically you would like to communicate, and if you have a specific budget to work with. Once we discuss the basic points of the project, I will explain how the design process will work, the first steps to take, as well as a proposed schedule including the initial concepts all the way to completion. Some questions to start thinking about are: “Will the piece be mailed?”; “Do you have a deadline?”; “Have you done a piece like this before – what did you like or dislike about your previous experience?”

What can you do to help me stay within budget?

By using a flat project fee system, you will know the amount that your project will cost [within the scope outlined]. It is important to let me know up front if you have a very limited budget, that way I will be able to tell you what I can provide for you within that budget. All of my design services are priced on a custom basis to ensure the most accurate creative service. I am always available to answer any questions you may have about the costs for my services.

How to do you work with clients that are not local?

By using email, phone, file transfer protocol (FTP), and video-conferencing, projects can progress just as smoothly and successfully as if locations were in close proximity. Where press checks are necessary on location, I can travel to accommodate those needs. I also work with printers nationally and locally as well as review printer’s color proofs through expedited shipping.

Is there a way to check on my project status?

I take pride in my work and work hard to stay within the proposed schedule. I keep my clients informed on my progress along the way and will be up front with you in the event that something is taking longer than planned. If you have any questions on where I am at any point during the creative process, I am always available via email or phone for updates.

How do you price your services?

I price my services using a flat project fee, rather than an hourly rate. This allows my clients to have a specific cost in mind and there are no surprises. This also helps all parties to look at the scope of the project ahead of time and helps in the overall planning. The project proposal fee includes a specified number of concepts, revisions, and other actions that are outlined in the proposal. If there are rush jobs or revisions desired beyond what is originally proposed, then an hourly rate will be used. Hourly rates vary, please contact me for a proposal for your project.

SND now accepts secure payments online via PayPal! 

Can I see printed samples of your work?

Please email me if you would like to see a specific type of printed piece and I can mail you samples or meet in person. I also have access to a wide variety of specialty papers, printing techniques and cost-effective print pricing. Let me know what you are interested in, and I can find a variety of options to meet your needs.

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